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Rec / In-Town Programs

GRAA In-town (recreational) programs are focused on developing knowledge of the sport and introducing playtime and positioning during games for all kids who wish to play. Play time and positions are based on an equal rotational basis to allow kids the chance to learn all aspects of the sport. Our rec program is intended to give the kids a fun learning experience, and either an introduction to the sport, or to build upon the skills they already have.

Travel Programs

The GRAA Travel program is geared toward further developing and honing the skills, awareness and fitness level of players on travel teams. Our mission for the travel program is to properly equip players for high school level sports. This means our coaches follow two main guidelines—

  1. GRAA coaches work to build a strong competitive team. As compared with rec teams, there is a greater emphasis by coaches to field a winning team similar to the high school atmosphere, and grouping kids with greater skill sets together on a team accelerates their learning by elevating their expectations.
  1. Of equal importance, our coaches give each player fair playing time during games and throughout the season, which is a critical component to continual skill evaluation and development.

All players will be provided a fair and unbiased opportunity to develop their skills (specifically during game play), and coached through the areas where they need development. We recognize that these are still young players learning and developing the skill sets they will need to succeed. Travel players will develop skills to play across multiple positions, which will prove valuable to both the team and the individual players as they move into high school. Coaching staff evaluates throughout the season with an emphasis on optimizing them for success.

As stated in our code of conduct, which is part of every GRAA registration, GRAA stands behind these values.

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