GRAA Finacial Aid

The Glen Ridge Athletic Association seeks to offer every child in Glen Ridge, NJ the opportunity to participate in our sports programs.  We also desire that every Glen Ridge family have the opportunity to enroll their children in GRAA sports programs regardless of financial ability.

While all of our sports are priced at cost, and are very reasonable relative to the outside market, we understand that some families may find our fee structure to be a burden that is not manageable in a particular season due to their own current financial needs and demands.

Under certain circumstances, and at the sole discretion of the GRAA Officers, we may offer a payment plan for families who are unable to make the payment in full at the time of registration.  We also may reduce or waive the player registration fees for special hardship cases and low income families who can demonstrate the inability to pay the player registration fees.  You can request a delayed payment plan, a 50% discount, or a full scholarship.

We ask that you be forthright in choosing the financial aid package which is feasible for your situation. All of our revenue is generated via player registration fees and fundraising.  Financial aid decisions will be based upon (1) demonstrated need and (2) funds available.

We will keep your information in the strictest confidence. The only people with access to your financial aid request are the GRAA President and the GRAA Treasurer, who oversee the financial aid process, the GRAA Website Director who distributes your request to the Treasurer and your sport’s commissioner, who has access to financials for their program.


Please note the following:

  • GRAA will not accept aid applications if you have already registered and paid.
  • GRAA will not grant financial aid if your child is playing on a club team.
  • GRAA understands many residents have multiple children enrolled in GRAA sports, but this factor alone does not affirm eligibility for financial aid. Other factors would need to be taken into consideration.
  • You will be given an opportunity later in this registration request to explain your financial situation and the need for your level of request for aid.

Financial Aid requests which are submitted during the early registration period for sports will be turned around promptly.  Financial aid requests which are submitted after the early registration period will take 3 weeks to process.  Please get your requests in early.


Thank you,

GRAA Board