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There are no cuts in GRAA Lacrosse. Children develop differently and at different ages, so we believe it is important to welcome all players into our program. If they are willing to put in the practice and hard work, they will find a way onto the field. The goal is to provide fair playing time for all players throughout the season, however, playing time will vary from game to game, quarter to quarter and depending on the situation. We do not believe in cuts to accommodate an optimal roster size. As such, we allow our coaches to schedule additional “JV” games should they have more than 19 players on their roster to ensure ample playing time for all players. Our coaches are volunteer parents who have mostly played in high school and often at high levels of NCAA Lacrosse. All coaches are required to have USA Lacrosse (the governing body of lacrosse in the US) training and certification.

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2024 GRAA Boys & Girls Lacrosse Registration

By GRAA | January 18, 2024

The youth lacrosse program has traditionally been one of Glen Ridge’s strongest programs, introducing the game and providing many boys and girls with the skill set required to play in High School, at all levels of College and even a few professionally.  GRAA is pleased to offer the below programs this Spring: CLINICS (PRE-K –…

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Lacrosse Sport Board - Leigh Brown, Matt Cordivari, Chad Johnson, John Mulligan, Andrea Torrisi, Hilary Trevenan

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