Travel Soccer Evaluations

Please complete this FREE MANDATORY Travel Evaluation Registration for the GRAA Soccer Fall 2024 Season. This is required for ALL Glen Ridge children (current & new players) who would like to be considered for Travel Soccer Teams for this upcoming Fall/Spring Season (Teams formed now will continue through the Spring 2025 season to the best of our ability.)

Roster choices will be made from THIS LIST of players so you MUST complete this form by 6/3 to be considered.

For birth years 2016 & 2017 we will have one travel team per birth year per gender.  Players above our rostering capability will be asked to register for our GR Developmental teams, which play in our newly robust developmental league partnered with Bloomfield.

Training Evaluations will be the week of 6/3 as follows:

Birth Years 2016 & 2017

Monday 6/3 3:30-4:30 2017 Girls

Tuesday 6/4 3:30-4:30 2016 Girls

Wednesday 6/5 3:30-4:30 2017 Boys

Thursday 6/6 3:30-4:30 2016 Boys

Birth Years 2015 and older

Evaluation week is 6/3-6/6 at your normal training sessions.

You must register to try out:

New players will be invited to attend their birth-year sessions. Selections will also be based on current and past season evaluations. Please email if you are a 2015 or older NEW player to Travel Soccer (and we will tell you which session to attend the week of 6/3.)


Developmental Soccer Registration for Preschool – 6th Grade (non travel) will be coming out in August.  Having a 5th and 6th Grade team will depend on enough players registering.